We have a sense of detail.

Our scope of employment is namely robots, automation, engineering and new technologies in automotive industry.

Our key competences

Automated units

Automation of your existing or planned processes. We design appropriate solutions using industrial robots or without them.

Single- or multi-functional robotic machines

We carry out integration of ABB and KUKA robots into machines which are able to fulfill varied requirements.

Rebuilding of production lines

Do you have any completely or partly automated equipment you want to upgrade, make more efficient or adjust to a new product?

Simulation and analysis of your current processes

Changes in production process and technology. Complex analysis including robotic simulations for as efficient production process as possible.

Sub delivery for suppliers of bigger complex lines

In case of complex, chain production equipment, e.g. Welding of transversal wall within UB2 for a general supplier.

Single- and multi-functional robotic machines

Complex production and designing of fixtures, jaws and manipulators


What are our processes of preparation and work?

Unique welding solution

Advantages of our fully automated ultrasonic welding solution:



2019 - MAG workplace, Mig-Emerge

5x Robot KUKA
Processes: 3x MAG welding workplace, 1x MIG welding workplace

2018 – Integration of front beam SK38x into line 37x - KWD Bohemia

16 KUKA robots including SafeOperation
Processes: Spot and MAG welding, handling, gluing

2018 -Welding line of rear floor SK38x – KWD Bohemia

5x KUKA robot
Processes: Spot welding, gluing, punching, tuckering

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